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The Bastard Sunz Present Lazer Gun Rap

by The Bastard Sunz

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In the somewhat surreal world of The Bastard Sunz, it is not often that you can say things have become surrealer-er… But recently, somehow, they have.

Upon the group's Regression Therapy, something out of the extraordinary happened. A top hatted crystal skull appeared as if by magic. There were conflicting reports as to where said artefact came from. Milestone was adamant that it fell out of the bottom of B'Tilla's trousers, Rola was too busy making the drunken ramblings of two imbeciles sound coherent for him to notice. DJ Rogue grunted that the skull had always been there, and the group was too caught up in Paganism to notice, whilst B'Tilla was in general denial of the whole incident. There was no denying, however, that the skull generally smelt like… well... arse.

Following the discovery of the glowing cranium of awesomeness, things took a turn for the squelchy. B'Tilla miraculously started to 'rap' again. Rola was finding all kinds of notes of the brown variety that shook their makeshift shanty studio to its very black and distasteful core. Milestone developed a taste for Mayan dress and dashikis. Rogue was doing something that no one was quite sure of, but of obvious importance all the same. Between them a new synergy had formed, a new energy… A new kind of rap. Lazer Gun Rap.

Not only had they discovered a renewed bastard vigour - they were working on something else altogether. The group had been ferreting away at a set of masks. Of what? We aren't quite sure. All we know is that the Bastards were in and out of their makeshift production hut like Jimmy Saville's shinny white bottom in a morgue. Something was afoot. There were even sightings of a modern technology known as a 'photographic camera'. How those luddites managed to not break said technology is anyones guess. We suspect voodoo.

The only thing that was apparent was the constant repetition of a date. 21.12.2012. It could be heard being chanted from the depths of their glory hole infested rap dungeon.

We await the results with slightly anguished, laboured and somewhat disdainful breath. Looks like we'll ALL find out soon enough.

The Bastard Sunz Present Lazer Gun Rap, a five track EP available for FREE download exclusively through Bandcamp.



released December 21, 2012

Tracks 1, 2, 3 and 5 produced by Rola.
Track 4 produced by Awkward and Benjamin One.
Track 6 produced by OH91.
Track 7 entirely created, mixed and scratched by Dj Rogue.

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Rola.



all rights reserved